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Services for Superyacht Companies

It's common practice for the shareholders, Directors and senior managers of a business to seek advice from someone outside their organisation with a fresh, new perspective but even highly experienced consultants can take a long time to fully understand your company and will rarely, if ever, truly appreciate the subtle intricacies of your specific market.


Coote & Co. is able to provide an outsider’s view, coupled with extensive insider knowledge of the superyacht world. We already understand the major players, the decision makers, key influencers and market forces at play. We know the dynamics, the relationships and the overall framework of the status quo.

This deep understanding of the superyacht market means we can help to formulate  strategies, action plans and promotions that may challenge or possibly even break the rules, but will always deliver surprisingly positive results.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Market Research

Product & Service Development

Marketing Communications

Marketing Planning & Budgeting

Coote & Co. has worked with some of the leading companies in the sector, including:

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