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Services for Superyacht Owners

A superyacht is effectively a multi-million dollar business and there are numerous parallels that can be drawn; from the market research and due diligence prior to acquisition or construction to the need for a comprehensive business plan, clear brand strategy, good brand management, strong brand identity and effective marketing of a vessel for both sale and charter.


Coote & Co. works closely with superyacht owners and their family offices to ensure the same levels of thought and consideration are applied to their "floating assets" as their other investments, thereby reducing risk and operating costs whilst also maximizing charter revenue and residual values.

Since 2017 we've been working in close collaboration with Nautiq Family Office in Monaco which specialises in managing and protecting the interests of superyacht owners. Working as the owners' representatives, they offer discrete and trusted professional advice to clients on all aspects of ownership, construction, sales and charter.


Family Office Liaison

Owner Representation

Market Research & Appraisal

Superyacht Brand Management

Superyacht Brand Identity

Superyacht Marketing

Coote & Co. has undertaken work in relation to many significant superyachts, including:

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